Eco Meditation Mat Grey

Eco Meditation Mat Grey



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Yoganic meditation mat – grey specifications:

The meditation mat of Yoganic is really a fine mat. The thick layer (organic) buckwheat stuffing means that you can sit comfortably.
This is really a big difference with meditation mats that have a foam filling.

The size of the meditation mat is as follows: 80 x 65 cm
The thickness of the meditation mat can be different from 12 t/m 15 cm. The cause of this is the buckwheat chaff, with which the mat is filled.

Meditation mat cleaning
The meditation mat has an inner cover and an outer cover. You can wash the outer cover.
A major advantage of the Yoganic meditation mats relative to many other mats, is that the inner cover has a large fastener.
This makes it easy to get the buckwheat hulls in the mat again.

*Please note that the buckwheat filling in the meditation mat will become very heavy and if you pick up the mat the buckwheat chaff will shift to one side. The Yoganic meditation mats are not suitable for example to take on a bike ride to a different location, but perfect for home use or in any other fixed place where you meditate.

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